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Fingers Lake Trail

The Fingers Lake trail, is a 1 mile walk through the Fingers Lake conservation area.

This trail is mainly on naturally surfaced paths, which may be a bit muddy in winter, and there is a set of steps leading down from the main path.

Follow the green way markers.

In summer you may see several species of butterflies feeding along the hedgerow, especially the distinctive male Orange Tip.

There are also many species of dragonflies and damselflies flying in this area. Look out for the damselflies with dark bands on their wings these are male Banded Demoiselles, one of the more easily recognisable species.

Many bird species use this area for nesting and roosting. You may see coots and moorhens nesting along the lake margins, and reed warblers and reed buntings in the reedbed.

At dusk watch the hundreds of Corvids (Crows and Jackdaws) fly in to roost in the trees.

For the lucky few Otters may occasionally be seen fishing in the lake.